Garden School Dress Code

Garden School has established these rules for proper school attire with the aim of making your child’s school experience as pleasant, positive, and successful as possible. Please help your child to learn the dress codes so that he/she can make appropriate choices when dressing for school.

Sensible play clothes are appropriate school attire.
Please dress your child as if he/she were going to the park for the day.
Party dresses, Maxi-skirts, and other ‘fashion statement’ type clothing are distracting and inappropriate for school.
While we do encourage children to wear aprons when working with paint, clay, etc., it is not advisable to send children wearing clothing that cannot get dirty.
Children who are not totally toilet reliable should wear clothing that is extremely simple for them to get on or off. Loose fitting, elastic waist pants or shorts, or dresses are best for children who are still having ‘accidents’

Any shoe that is securely fastened to the child’s foot is permissible; tennis shoes, rubber soled shoes, leather lace-up shoes such as Doc Martens, sandals that fasten with Velcro or buckles, etc.

Not permitted:
Shoes that light up or flash when you pound them on the floor!
Any shoe that is loud, unsafe or unstable, or that is distracting to the child;
Flip-flops or any thong type shoe that lacks a back-strap (Summer School excepted)
Cowboy boots, Slip-on shoes, Slick bottomed shoes (e.g. party shoes, ‘Mary-Janes’, high heels, platform shoes, etc.)

Please take the time to put an identifying mark on the inside tag or collar of all your child’s jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. Family name, child’s name or initials- anything to help us match the garment to the child. Obviously, this helps us to return lost things. But more importantly, it helps us immensely on the many occasions when we need to help a child be responsible for his own things.

Hats are permitted while playing or working either in the play yard or the outdoor classroom. All children will be asked to remove their hats upon entering the building.

Please discourage your child from wearing jewelry to school. A simple chain, for example, with a cross or basic charm on it is generally not a problem. But large plastic or wooden beaded bracelets and necklaces are distracting to the child and are unsafe on the playground. Rings are often lost and can cause the child great distress when the loss is discovered.
Watches and other jewelry that are electronic (make noise!) are not allowed.
If your child wears inappropriate jewelry to school, he/she will be asked to keep it in the cubby.
A good rule of thumb is: simple, basic, minimal basic jewelry is acceptable, distracting, complicated “kiddie jewelry“ is not.

No costumes or ‘costume-like’ attire is permitted at school.
This includes ballet leotards, capes, princess crowns, feather boas, play uniforms, fluffy tulle skirts, camouflage outfits, pirate-wear, etc.

Super hero &” Character” clothing:
Movie and television characters on clothing often encourage distractibility and silly behavior. Also, children will often compete with one another and even engage in ‘put-downs’ with regards to the character printed on their clothing. For these reasons we have imposed a No Character or Super-hero clothing rule at Garden School. Children wearing Spider-Man, Batman, Sponge-Bob, Lightning McQueen, Mickey Mouse etc. on their clothing will be asked to change into more acceptable attire from Garden School’s clothing supply.
Character shoes are excepted as we realize they are often the only school-suitable shoes the child owns.
Please also evaluate whether the image on your child’s shirt is aggressive or violent in nature. Pirate images, big scary shark mouths, flaming monster truck images and the like can all feel intimidating to other children.

Garden Montessori School, Preschool, Danville, Ca.